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  • August, 2010

This is an interactive display where children can press buttons and see LEGO models move around in various ways.
The models were shown in ěkolariet, a museum of technology for children in the city of Vejle, Denmark.

These are the models inside.

The bird flaps its wings.

The horse moves its legs as if it is running.

The pole dancer is spinning around, showing how rotating motion makes it lift outwards.

This root has spinning arms, showing how universal joints as well as belt-driven power transfer works.

The ghost is spinning around vertically, allowing the tail to move in an interesting fashion.

The "ballerina" has hoops that spin around.

This robot spins, which causes its legs to lift.

"Proppy" has two functions, depending on the direction of the motor. Either its propeller turns, or it is "speaking"

This robot flails its arms in a funny way.

This little fella is playing with a skipping rope.