New GBC Wheel Starter Module Chevrolet Corvette C7.R LMGTE PRO from Le Mans 2017 Conveyor belt starter module Model Team DAF XF FT (4x2) Space Cab Box trailer with legs and decoupler activated by reversing Volvo FM 8x2 Container Transport Random 5580 Model Team Highway Rig from 1990 with new standard coupling 20ft container - OCP 20ft container - Lunar Industries 40ft container FAW Jiefang 6x4 Ford GT40 Trailer for helicopter ground transport. Legs and decoupling activated by reversing. Model Team Logo Scania R 4x2 Highline Scania R 4x2 Topline Container trailer for 20ft containers with legs activated by reversing Remote control for the trucks WRO 2013 single motor robot base WRO 2013 robot using a single motor to drive Haul truck, an alternate model of set 20011 MAN TGS 8x4 cement truck 2014 Seat Leon SC The giraffe from the zoo display in Hotel Legoland, Billund, 2014