Welcome to c-mt.dk!

My name is Lasse and I have been building with LEGO® bricks even before learning how to walk. What I find fascinating about LEGO is how you can take the LEGO brick, which represents a restricted, rigid and systematic world and then twist it, turn it around, and place it in whole new ways in order to create works of art.

Since 2007 I have exhibited models at international LEGO events which quickly lead to my first commissions. Commisions vary from small anniversary gifts, company logos, mosaics to large event builds. Feel free to browse by the cases section if you want to see what that is all about.

You can find my LEGO building instructions for my models on the website BrickHub.org. This website is made for giving everyone an easy way of sharing building instructions, and you can share yours on BrickHub as well!

Below you will find a selection of software which I have made available for everyone to use and share.


PatternFolder is a online-app for projecting LDraw patterns, such as prints and stickers, onto surfaces. A surface may represent one or more parts, such as a curved windscreen. See this Youtube video for how to use it.

The latest version of PatternFolder supports sub models, so stickers of all types will be folded properly. Please contact me if you would like additional default surfaces to be made. The only known restriction is that conditional lines are not generated in the resulting folded part.

Sticker Builder

Sticker Builder is an online-app for creating patterned LDraw parts from png images.


Use LDraw2Studio to convert textured parts from standard LDraw files Studio 2.0 custom parts.


Use Studio2LDraw to convert textured parts from Studio 2.0 custom parts to standard LDraw files.


svg2ldraw is an online-app for converting svg images to LDraw parts, such as stickers. See this Youtube video for how to use it.

For highly detailed images I recommend using Sticker Builder instead of svg2ldraw. If you face issues with svg2ldraw, then please send the SVG file to me and I will try to find out what the error is. This is how the software gets improved.

LD Digital Mosaic Creator (LDDMC)

LDDMC is a LEGO mosaic app, that is, an app that can convert any picture into a mosaic using normal LEGO bricks. LDDMC is easy to use and creates mosaics of extremely high quality. While there are many LEGO mosaic apps, LDDMC stands out by allowing you to finely adjust the mosaic in real time. See it in action in this video.


buildinginstructions.js is a Javascript library for rendering LDraw files. It is this library that powers the building instructions and viewers of BrickHub.org.

This library can be used to make LDraw files OMR conformant. See how to in this video.

Color Converter

Color Converter is a tool to create colors.js files from LDConfig.ldr. This is useful when deploying buildinginstructions.js with a newer version of LDConfig.ldr than what was used for buildinginstructions.js.