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The mill "Dybbøl Mølle" was built at the yearly Ringriderfest of 2010. With me on the team that year were Jesper, Ina and her children, Michael and Emil.

The first layer of the mill was laid.

I had created instructions for the main body of the mill. The instructions showed how each layer should be placed.

Michael turned out to be extremely efficient at placing layer upon layer together with me. Ina was impressed to see him work this quickly, and with supposedly garbled instructions, such as "1-2-4-6, in 7".

Jesper was in charge of building the roof, which he finished by hand without the aid of the computer sketches.

The top was getting its shape.

The top was mounted.

The computer assisted modelling of the mill allowed us to get near-perfect sculpting of the iconic shape.

The model was quite detailed with doors, windows, railings and everything in just the right places.

The finished model.

I took some time to relax. For me relaxing means building something out of the thousands of standard bricks for the visitors. This little fella came out of existence!

It turned out to be a child of the big elephant guarding the entrance.

The LEGO booth was well visited during the event.

And here is something you don't see every day. They had let the light run in the Land Rover, so it needed jump starting... from a Toyota iQ.