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  • January, 2016

This mosaic was made as a gift for a 50 year birthday. It posed an interesting challenge, as it has both hand-drawn sections and a photo. When running the original picture through LDDMC, the result did not turn out well due to the mix of sources. The final mosaic was changed by hand in order to get a consistent look.

The original image and how it was initially set up in LDDMC.

After fine tuning the mosaic in LDDMC, the mosaic was built.

The client and I were not satisfied with how the face did not match the style of the rest of the mosaic, so I set out to change it by hand. Most notably, the glare in the forehead was decreased.

This became the final version. The white parts were removed and the style fitted the rest of the mosaic much better.

The final mosaic without clutter on top of it.

Picture by Bo Jensen.