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After seeing my Le Mans prototype race cars, a client asked me for a model of the 2017 Corvette C7.R driven by Jan Magnussen.

For the design I used pictures and schematics of the real car and ran them through Griddy.

I approach the construction of cars in this scale by building a chassis (or "skateboard") where the wheels are placed with the correct track width and wheelbase. I then start experimenting with various solutions for including the most iconic details of the real car. For the corvette this include the sloped lines on the side...

and the angular front.

Many details are changed through iterations of the model.

And some time I even go back and forth a couple of times on details, such as the rear half of the front fenders of the Corvette.

The model shown here is the same as in the previous picture, but the two sides are built differently in to allow me to compare them easily. This design technique was also used on the LFA.

A significant challenge of this model was to get the windscreen right. It had to be flush with the roof of the car.

The solution was to use half-plate offsetting in order to achieve the desired looks.

Overall, it took roughly 3 months from initial design and until the final model was finished. The car shown here is one of the latest versions.

The final model can be recognised by the red streamer on the windscreen. Here only the stickers are missing.

The stickers are made using normal paper and glued onto the model using wood glue. The client had unfortunately withdrawn before the model was finished, so I decided to use this approach for the stickers in order to not spend more money on the project.

It is important for me to reconstruct cars as faithfully as possibly in the scale. This includes details, such as the curvature of the bodywork under the rear lights.

Pictures are taken from straight angles in order to compare to the schhematics.

Finally the model is disassembled in order to construct building instructions.

It took 8 hours to create building instructions for this particular model, since the stickers were not added to the instructions.

The client had ordered two models, so I decided to decorate the second model with the livery from the other car racing at Le Mans in 2017.