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  • July, 2017

The Kay Bojesen Monkey is an iconic Danish design. It is typically made from wood, but a client asked me to build one out of LEGO bricks. This is the result. The model stands 60cm tall and contains roughly 7000 parts.

To design the model I took measured the real toy and constructed some 3D graphs that for the various parts.

The graphs were coded into BrickGraphics and it was able to output building instructions for each component.

BrickGraphics can also output LDraw models, to verify that the model looks alright before uilding it using physical bricks.

Being satisfied with the digital model I started building the LEGO version. I ran out of tan parts for the belly, and carried on with the construction while waiting for parts.

The final model is fairly posable.

Rear view.

And can even walk around in a sofa.

The client was so satisfied with the result, that another model was ordered. To this day there exist 3 monkeys of this type in the World.