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FAW Jiefang 6x4 (Discontinued)

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This model is controlled using LEGO Power Functions.

Difficulty: Medium.

Number of elements: 653.



Created August 26, 2011.




Go to this model which has replaced 'FAW Jiefang 6x4' and offers a number of improvements in reliability, stability and playability.

This model is replaced by

Scale: 1:25, Model Team.



"Number of wheel sets" x "Driven wheels": 6x4.

Type of Power Functions motor for drive: XL.

Gearing from motor to wheels: 5:9.

Differential type: Stiff.



Type of steering geometry: Linear.

Type of Power Functions motor used for steering: M.



This model has 2 opening doors



Created by Lasse Deleuran.

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About this model

Although designed to be robust, the combined liftarm and old style technic construction of this truck causes the frame to be rather fragile. This is one of the reasons why this model has been discontinued and replaced by the vastly superior model.

Other reasons include a poorly attached rear bumper, the saddle of the coupling being too tall to work properly and rear wheels with poor grip.

The Power Functions components of this truck are connected as follows

Remote controls

We recommend using the Power Functions remote for controlling this truck.

If the truck is to be driven by people who do not have experience with LEGO Power Functions, then we recommend using our modified remote which blocks the channel selector and uses a long axle as a pointing device.

How to build your own model

You can build your own copy once you have all the parts in the parts list.

Building instructions for this LEGO model

The building instructions are made by building the LEGO models in MLCad. They are generated in your browser using buildinginstructions.js.


If you have any corrections or suggestions, please e-mail Lasse Deleuran at lassedeleuran@gmail.com.

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