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The Executor

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Number of elements: 3494.



Created August 16, 2003.




Created by Lasse Deleuran.

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About this model

The original Executor from 2003. The real ship is 17600 meters long, and since this model spans 157cm, it is in scale 1 to 11205, so details like turbo lasers can't be seen on this model. This is the very first model I made instructions for, so it is quite a challenge to build. Warning. The instructions are currently not at all optimized for this site and are because of this extremely hard to follow!

How to build your own model

You can build your own copy once you have all the parts in the parts list.

Building instructions for this LEGO model

The building instructions are made by building the LEGO models in MLCad. They are generated in your browser using buildinginstructions.js.


If you have any corrections or suggestions, please e-mail Lasse Deleuran at lassedeleuran@gmail.com.

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