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For the annual Ringriderfest (tilting festival) in 2007 and 2008 we chose to build the castle of Sønderborg (Sønderborg Slot). In 2007 we built the castle, while in 2008 we built the base and surrounding area of the model.
The total part count of this model is nearly 430.000 LEGO pieces!

This is by far the largest project I have ever planed and participated in.

The team was once again consisting of Ina, Jesper and their families.
Picture by Ina Hjorth Nilsson.

The floor of the yard is made using 1x1 LEGO plates.

Inside of the yard there is a water fountain.

The main entrance and clock tower.

The entrance has the ticket booth.

There is even space for jousting at the castle.

Danish flags adorn the entrance.

The round building with the asymmetric roof was designed using Brick Shaper and shaped using LEGO hinge plates.

The model spans all the way down to the water front.

The odd angles in the walls have been recreated in LEGO. The spears decorating the castle walls are recreated using LEGO pneumatic T-pieces.

The big stones in the castle walls are recreated in LEGO

Details around the castle walls.

For aesthetics, the garbage container is hidden inside of some bushes.

The cannons lined up outside of the castle.

For this project I used official schematics in order to construct the foundation.

The foundation has several non-straight angles. I planned this before we started building at the event in order to ensure that we were efficient as a team and that everyone always had something to work on.

BrickShaper was used to design the complex roof of the round tower.

Each of the more than 200 windows consists of more than 50 parts. This was the prototype for the windows.

LDDMC was used to compute the right mixes of colors for the walls. In total we used 3 mixes for the various wall sections.

The inner stairwell towers have 8 sides and were also designed in order to ensure the correct parts were ordered for the event.

I visited the castle to take pictures prior to the event.

Pictures were taken from all sides in order to ensure the correct angles, dimensions and details of the LEGO model.

Parts were delivered by LEGO and I rented a van for the event.

Details would include the placement and dimensions of each window, stones in the walls, the clock and other decorations.

The booth was ready for a week of awesomness!

The team was not happy with my first task: Build all the windows, while I set up the foundation.

More happiness was had once we started building the four big sections on top of the newly laid foundations.

Some details, such as the round tower, took longer time to build than others due to the complexity.

After the event we had built two and a half wall. The remainder of the castle was built at Ina's.

The castle was displayed at LEGO Fan Event in Skærbæk in 2007 on a simple green base.

The final model was on display at a hotel in Sønderborg before being sold off for parts.