svg2ldraw - Convert SVG Images to LDraw Patterns

Step 1 - SVG Image

Select the SVG image using either a URL, a file, or paste the content into the text area below. See the tutorial here.

Step 2 - Size and Scaling

Select the size with 'LDU' as unit. As an example. A 1x1 brick is 20 LDU wide and 24 LDU tall If the svg contains Bezier curves, then they have to be simplified for LDraw. Please select how many many points should be added.

Step 3 - Adjust Colors

Here you can replace the colors that have been identified. Color 16 is the 'base color' which will be replaced with another color when used in a model. Colors appear once there is an SVG file.

Step 4 - Download LDraw File

Bonus Step - Thickness

For rectangular stickers you can set a 'thickness' value to replicate how stickers raise just a bit over the surface of LEGO models. A value of 0.5 seems to work nicely here. The color 'Box color' is used for this.
svg2ldraw is in the public domain and may be freely distributed. Contact: Lasse Deleuran on